250+ Free Dofollow Web 2.0 Sites List

Web 2.0 are publisher type sites that allow its users to create their pages with a unique URL. These sites include Social Bookmarking sites, Social Media Platforms, and Video Sharing. Web 2.0 provides page owners with sharing, grouping, and networking facilities.

In the past, creating a website required an enormous amount of HTML expertise and expensive design software. A Huge amount of times and effort were exerted. Today, web 2.0 has made it a whole lot easier for people to create webpages.

Benefits of Web 2.0

There are two key advantages that you can get from web 2.0 sites:

  • Link 

    One of the good reasons to get a web 2.0 site is to make use of its link benefits. Almost all modern day web 2.0 sites enable their users to link their websites to their profiles and bios. Social media platforms also allow their users to publish site content to their pages.

  • Traffic 

    Web 2.0 sites can bring a high volume of traffic to your website. There are a lot of web 2.0 sites present on the Internet today. Each site has its set of users or network community. Creating a profile on these sites will help you reach a wider audience for your website.

Responsible Web 2.0 Usage

Web 2.0 sites are known to be useful in generating links and traffic. However, some people tend to abuse these benefits. Web 2.0 sites are being used to practice black hat SEO.

Some website owners create or pay people to build multiple accounts across different web 2.0 sites. These accounts are used to post bulk content filled with keywords. These pages are then linked to their website, thus creating link juice, which increases the site’s ranking. The quality of those sites, however, is very low, and Google is bound to crack down on them and penalize sites which rely on them.

On the other hand, developers who want to see their site grow healthily employ white hat SEO. All you have to do is choose a few reliable web 2.0 sites. Then, create your profile and publish credible, factual and informative content that will add value to the communities of these sites.